December 3, 2014

12.03.14 RK5 Family Photoshoot at RBF Fitness!


This family shoot was SO much fun and connects the top two things I’m all about: photography (of course) and my RBF Fitness family!  I’m SUPER excited to introduce you to some of the  most influential people in my life for the past couple of years..and I will also take this as an opportunity to stand on my soapbox and share with everyone about the amazing community I’m a part of at RBF.  

I first met Rob about 3 years ago when my roommate/best friend invited me to join her in one of his circuit training classes out of a kettlebell gym in Johnston, RI. I’d been struggling to find motivation in the gym after moving to Rhode Island from Vermont, where I was front desk manager at Synergy Fitness – an awesome locally owned gym. I had a fitness family there, who gave me advice, motivation, and drive to keep pushing myself. Once I took that first class with Rob, I knew I had found a new home. As Rob’s clientele grew, we moved around to bigger gyms until this past fall – where it was time to lock down our own building space and start really building into our own empire. It was also with the help of Rob, that I realized my other true passion lies in the health/fitness/wellness industry, and I began taking steps to make it a second career by becoming certified to teach group fitness classes through AFAA, and dive into the business of sharing Advocare – the top-notch wellness, performance & weight loss products that have helped me over the past year with my own health & fitness goals.

What makes RBF so special? It’s not JUST a fitness facility. It’s not just someplace you go, get your sweat on & leave. It’s not a place people go to just because they feel as though they HAVE to. It’s a community, a family, and arguably the biggest group of supporters you’ll have all in one room. Age, gender, race, level of ability .. none of that matters. As long as you walk in the door with determination, wanting to work hard and change your health for the better..there’s a place for you with us. And it doesn’t just stay in the four walls of the gym. We do races together (adventure & road), hike together, celebrate birthdays together, go paint balling, rock climbing, etc. If someone is down and out, these people will go out of their way to get in touch with you, check in on you and bring a smile to your face. These people have become some of my best friends, and are honestly a huge reason why I now consider Rhode Island home. 

Once our new facility in Cranston fully opens up for business, we will be rocking some really awesome programs. We are the only gym in RI who uses FitRanX, a strength and conditioning based progression system. I’ll be helping with a kids program, we will have specialty classes, personal training, competition programming..and stay tuned to learn about our bridal/wedding bootcamps that come with before/after photoshoots and wedding coverage by yours truly  ; )

If interested in joining us, I’ll personally escort you to a class!!   

And now, here’s the goofy RK Foster 5 (Rob, Kelli, CJ, Olivia, Kalyn, Ricky & Ben!)



















































































































I wanted to do something with the whole family on the sleds (which is one of Robs favorite torture devices in class), but then CJ had a better idea (think “Santa & his reindeer”)





























































In the end, poor little Benjamin clearly wasn’t having a great time. He wanted to be Santa’s elf, and though we told him he could be, it wasn’t enough! We kept going though and Kelli and I decided the shoot still showed the personalities of each to a “T”





















Lastly, I want to give a shout out to Kelli – the woman behind RBF. Both her and Rob have done an amazing job with raising their family..especially over the past years that Rob has followed his dreams and started his training career. Recently, Kelli has started working full time beside Rob to help get this new chapter off the ground, and also focusing on starting a fierce workout regimen. We love seeing you around more often Kelli, and couldn’t be more proud of you for this big step! Thanks for everything you do : )


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