September 29, 2014

Colt State Park Couples Session: Heidy & Leonel – Bristol, Rhode Island


Meet: Heidy & Leonel.

Also, commonly known as “Heidel”. These two individuals are pretty incredible. I had the pleasure to meet Heidy for the first time almost 2 years ago through our gym family RBF Fitness, and our trainer Rob. Over the past few years, she has trained for (& placed!) in multiple WBFF fitness competitions, and quickly became one of the most inspirational leaders of our group. As RBF continues to expand and move into our own facility (yay!) I will be joining Heidy & a few others in  becoming one of Robs trainers. Needless to say, I look up to this woman A LOT and can’t wait to keep learning from her.

Pretty gorgeous people, right? Don’t let them fool you..they’re not just pretty faces. These two like to get DIRTY. Obstacle course race,Tough Mudder, SPARTAN BEAST dirty. One of my favorite things about them (actually, EVERYONE we train with) is the straight up, no-nonsense, badass, BEAST MODE they go into. I started drinking the obstacle course kool aid with Heidel and the RBF group this past spring, and I’m hooked. Nothing better than being a part of a group of motivating & inspiring people, trudging up a mountain, willingly putting ourselves through torture..for fun. Man, I swear…it IS fun.

So, in conclusion, maybe this photo shoot was just to prove to all of our gym family that these two actually do own real clothes, clean up real nice, are able to get the mud out of their hair and aren’t always arguing over who’s getting the cake or the last chicken wing.

Thank you guys for spending the evening chasing the sun with me!


Jess Mullins : 00:08 September 30, 2014 Reply
Absolutely gorgeous!!! Though not surprised :) Great work Meagan!!
Heidy Thomas : 21:31 September 30, 2014 Reply
You are really one of a kind Meg! I feel blessed to be a part of the RBF Fit family with you and to have you as a friend. Thank you for capturing these beautiful shots of us. You are a true artist behind the lens. I can not wait to see you evolve in this business. I know you will do great things and make future clients very happy with your work. Love ya!
Jen Hanson Ryder : 09:02 October 1, 2014 Reply
Amazing work my friend!With or without the aid of a gorgeous couple!

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