March 13, 2015

Lang Farm Barn Autumn Engagement Session: Megan & Kyle – Essex, Vermont


Happy Friday, ya’ll! (channeling my inner Megan in spirit of this post)

So pumped to finally be able to share these gorgeous images of one of my very BEST and closest friends from home! We took these engagement photos way back in October. Yes, she is in a dress. Yes, there are pretty greens & yellows on the trees and flowers blooming. I’m terribly sorry for the envy that is going through your head..spring is almost here!!

The thing I LOVE most about my job is that I have SO many opportunities to photograph the people closest to my heart. And this is only the beginning! As I enter the stage in life where literally everyone I know is getting engaged, married, having children & taking big strides in their careers..I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities to re-connect with plenty of others! 

This lady though, her and I have been close since Mr. Reynolds 7th grade math (a friendship brewed in writing notes back & forth out of sheer boredom and hate for numbers). Yup, we found a friendship in probably THE most awkward of early teenage years. That’s how I know she wasn’t a judgmental person..ha!

This woman means SO much to me. She’s taught me so much about so many things, and truly has helped shape who I am today. I couldn’t thank her enough for her friendship and allowing me into her personal life throughout hard times. It’s not easy to find people you truly trust with your heart – and I know that no matter where this path takes both of us, we’ll have that special bond. 

Enter: Kyle. These two are going to be that elderly couple in 70 years that are still so infatuated and charmed by each other. The images just scream that about them! I’m so happy that Meg has found such a kind hearted future husband to share her life with. And…I actually get to be in a wedding, guys! Woooo!

Ok, sappy stuff done. Wanted to get that off my chest – I’ll save the rest for the wedding : )

Melanie Savio : 21:55 March 13, 2015 Reply
Meagan, These are absolutely beautiful! You blow me away with that talent!!!
    Meagan : 22:21 March 14, 2015 Reply
    Thank you so much Melanie! Helps to have such beautiful subjects! :)

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